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Dress up your mind with new thought

When we wear new cloth we psychologically feel energized, feel great about ourselves with enhanced self image especially when someone compliment us about our clothes.

Similarly we feel energized when our mind generate new positive thought that identify new way of solving a problem, when our actions reflect our thoughts that make some one to feel good about ourselves. We feel boosted when someone appreciate our actions. Our actions are reflecting our  thoughts. Dress up a new or innovative positive thought in your mind for the day that would drive energy for your work, think of little action that would improve your relationship with others, think of words that would make others to feel good about you.

Yes, dress up your mind with new thought that would unleash great potential.


Negative thinking pops up ?

Problem: Are you struggling with negative thinking? Does the negative thinking that carry negative scenes pop up frequently and disturb your peace of mind. Solution : As the negative image along negative thinking occur in your mind, put a block symbol on the image quickly within split second and push it far from your mind.

Why to waste brain energy on thinking about people who disregard you

Problem : Too much worried about the people who have mistaken you, hurt your feelings, offended you. Solution: My friend told this : Why to lose our brain energy on thinking about people who disregard us. They do not deserve your memory space. Often you feel you are hurt by someone, remember not to waste your brain energy on thinking about people who did that. Ask within yourself every time when you encounter thinking of unplesant interactions : why should I waste my brain energy on this thinking. You would find the results are fruitful.

Sleeping Problem : Solution from Non living object

Sleeping Problem : I went to bed to sleep almost 1 hr before. I couldn’t sleep. It always happens. My thoughts travel several miles back to my memories when I go to sleep. Adding to that I could hear neighbourhood baby crying. And the street dogs perform its howling Chorus set at the midnight time. I Just lost the sleep completly. Solution: I tried to stop thinking anything that has chains of thinking. Simply allowed my mind to empty thinking. I focused on one thing instead of paying attention to the sound coming from outside. Stopped thinking about anything. I Just focused continously on the sound generated by non living object. Yes. It was the sound of fan. Same level of fan noise continue to happen. No thinking of fan- how it runs, what speed, how many wings! Absolutely not! No thinking.. Just hear the sound of non living object. I continued to hear and that sound submerged into my subconscious mind. Started sleeping.

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