Sleeping Problem : Solution from Non living object

Sleeping Problem : I went to bed to sleep almost 1 hr before. I couldn’t sleep. It always happens. My thoughts travel several miles back to my memories when I go to sleep. Adding to that I could hear neighbourhood baby crying. And the street dogs perform its howling Chorus set at the midnight time. I Just lost the sleep completly. Solution: I tried to stop thinking anything that has chains of thinking. Simply allowed my mind to empty thinking. I focused on one thing instead of paying attention to the sound coming from outside. Stopped thinking about anything. I Just focused continously on the sound generated by non living object. Yes. It was the sound of fan. Same level of fan noise continue to happen. No thinking of fan- how it runs, what speed, how many wings! Absolutely not! No thinking.. Just hear the sound of non living object. I continued to hear and that sound submerged into my subconscious mind. Started sleeping.

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