How to overcome the fear of Public Speaking

Are you nervous about speaking in front of other people? Do you feel stuttered? Do you fear the audience? Please read my story. During my school days, I would never feel comfortable talking to people. I hardly had a few closest friends. I was told I am neither good in academics nor good at on-stage performance for any program. I was disappointed as I always felt my academic performance and my attempts to public speaking were failures. Whenever I was about to perform any task on or off the stage, I was always caught with a feeling of failure and I failed many times. I was told that I was having an inferiority complex. I lost my hope.

I felt the urge to overcome the inferiority feeling and determined to take continuous effort to overcome this kind of feeling and to perform better in my tasks. But still, I failed.

Having struggled a lot, one day I was determined to dig deeper as to what was hindering my performance. At last, I found something was repeatedly running in my mind. It was like a movie- not just about public speaking but about every sphere of my school activity. The movie consisted of scenes related to performance in different tasks embedded with negative dialogues of people who demotivated me in my past. People who infused negative feelings, comments and those have become my negative auto-suggestion leading to poor performance. Always, when this movie was running in me repeatedly from time to time, I felt I was useless, shy and I couldn’t do anything better. The so-called good performers during my school days left in me a superior image about themselves in my mind and created a rubbish negative scene about my performance. Yes, this was the movie that ran all the time when I was about to do any activity.

It was those things that stood in my way of achieving performance goals- of speaking in front others even in my native language, speaking in English delivering a speech on stage and gaining self-confidence.

I worked on it, again and again, to remove the negative scenes completely from my mind. How did I do it? I created a movie with positive scenes in my mind. I have become the director of my movie, my destiny. I created my story, background, soundtrack.. funny. Yes, I was creating a positive movie in mind with my being confident in public speaking,hearing the sound of people applauding my performance. I repeated this movie again and again. I also continue to work sincerely on the skills by reading, practicing, etc simultaneously. Eventually, I found success in terms of my growth in a career with all the abilities needed to perform better.

Remove the Movie created by others in you. You become the director of your Movie of a successful life.

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